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This week's topic:
Bucket List

Before this topic came up, I'd never really had a bucket list. I have a list of things that I would really really like to do, but not necessarily a list of things that I absolutely must do before I die. Because, y'know, I don't like to think of those kind of things. I'm more of a 'live in the moment' kind of person. When it comes to life experiences, I prefer to do things sporadically than plan things. But, anyways! Here is my "things I would really like to do but if it doesn't happen that's okay" list!

  • Travel to anywhere east of Germany or west of Spain
  • Do a road trip around America (British road trips are incredibly boring unless you like motorways)
  • See my favourite bands/artists perform live
  • Attend San Diego Comic-Con
  • Cosplay
  • See Charlotte Martin perform (this is incredibly important to me because she doesn't tour outside of the US)
  • Finish a novel
  • Learn how to cook more meals than I know how to now
  • Become comfortable with my appearance (I'm already working on it but I still have quite a ways to go!)
  • Have a significant other (marriage would be nice, and I've already decided that I don't want human children. Fur babies will do me fine!)
  • Attend a movie premier
  • Have my own place to live (house or apartment, I'm not really bothered)
  • Learn to speak French
  • Read all of Ernest Hemingway's work (I'm becoming obsessed with Hemingway)
  • Go to BEA
  • Go on a Frankenstein or Dracula tour (one literary tour I would never do is Bloomsday. No thank you.)
  • Ride every roller coaster that holds a current world record
  • Learn a craft or skill
  • Attend Whitby Goth Weekend
  • Own a car (I need to be able to drive first)

What's on your bucket list?
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Louise is an English student who is currently hiding in a fort made out of DC books. When she's not doing responsible things, reading, or blogging, she can be found watching movies or TV, playing video games, slowly going deaf from listening to really loud music, or making bad jokes on Twitter. She loves Muppets, shoes, and plushies and is always on the lookout for the next best polish in the perfect shade of blue. She hopes to be a Gothic/vampire author in the future and bring her own brand of vampire to life (no, they don't sparkle).

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  1. Awesome bucket list, I really want to learn to speak French too, it's such a great language! Haha, Furbabies! xx


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