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10 Books with Male Protagonists I Want to Read 🚹

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

In YA books, most stories have a girl as the protagonist. That's not a bad thing, but sometimes I want to read a book from a boy's perspective because they don't necessarily have the same experiences as girls do. There are times where all I want to read are books that are told from a boy's perspective because when I write with my own characters, my protagonists usually tend to be male. Don't ask me why, because I don't really know.

I don't have any issue at all with most YA protagonists being girls, but I feel like sometimes we need more boy protagonists. There should be more gay boys, bi/pan boys, transboys, disabled boys, overweight boys, underweight boys, mentally ill boys, and even boys who aren't your standard "hot dude" love interest. So today I thought that I would list ten books with male protagonists that are on my TBR.

My Favourite Books of 2017 So Far πŸ’š

I'm way overdue doing one of these kinds of posts because we're almost in the final quarter of this year (wat) but I felt like recounting which books I loved the most up until this extremely random point in the year. I'm a scatterbrain and I was in the middle of a huge funk when everyone else was making these kinds of posts so I'm doing it now.

So far this year has been a good reading year for me. I don't read anywhere near as much as some book bloggers do (i see you, people who can read over 100 books in a year) and I initially managed to get ahead of my Goodreads challenge by reading a lot of comics πŸ˜… I'm actually kind of burnt out on comics right now so I'm focusing more on reading novels and I've actually gained a couple of new favourites, which is always exciting.

Exploring by Starlight Turns 6! πŸŽ‚

Yesterday marked my sixth blogoversary!

I don't have a giveaway or any goodies for you all but I do still want to use this post to thank everybody who has read my blog over the years, whether you've been with me since the very beginning or you're a very recent witness to my scatterbrained-ness.

In these six years I have:
  • Become more confident in speaking my mind
  • Discovered tons of new books and found bookish people
  • Disappeared at least three times a year (oops)
  • Reevaluated what I read and how pop culture can make a difference to other people
  • Taken part in some fun events
  • Won exactly one (1) giveaway
  • Developed and grown as a writer
  • Taught myself how to make GIFs (like the one above)
  • Read books that I wouldn't have even glanced at as a younger reader
  • Become more comfortable with communicating with other people (still working on that one, though. even communicating with people online takes a lot out of me.)
So, what next? Obviously I don't plan on retiring this blog anytime soon. In fact, I want to grow it even further because in six years I still have yet to reach 150 followers on any platform. How I plan to do that, we shall see, but I'll be sticking around for quite some time!