On Leaving My Comfort Zone

As much as I'd love to believe that my tastes in genres are incredibly varied, I definitely have a comfort zone, and that's okay because the vast majority of us have comfort zones. But one thing I've noticed recently is that when I'm not doing my required reading for university, I tend to stick to two main genres: science-fiction and contemporary fiction. I didn't actually notice how far I was nestled into this comfort zone until I was picking out books and films to review for this month because I've never been the biggest horror fan due to the fact that I'm really easily scared (this won't be the last time that you'll see me say that).

gif by fyspringfield
(literally me with anything scary)

So if I'm a huge baby who gets scared of things really easily, why am I doing a horror themed month? The thing is, I don't want to ease myself out of my comfort zone because that doesn't always work for me. No, what I want to do is to completely break out of my comfort zone and explore a genre that in the past I've completely avoided after hearing the word 'scary' just once.

Like I said above, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a comfort zone, it's a good thing to return to whenever I'm not feeling too great, but there are plenty of times where I've been in my zone for way too long and everything just feels the same to me. A while back I found that this was sort of the case with dystopian fiction, and it got a bit stale to me. Recently I've been hooked on contemporary but I'm starting to get just a little bit bored of that too. The nights are getting darker and it's getting colder outside and I'm wanting to read books that remind me of that, which is something that I don't usually do.

What I like about choosing to explore a genre outside of my comfort zone, is discovering books that I probably wouldn't have even given a passing glance to, and even finding out that a genre isn't actually as bad as I'd initially judged it to be. My aim from this Halloween month is to expand my horizons even more with my reading (and viewing) habits, and I'm definitely excited about that. Who knows, I might even branch out into the other genre that I tend to stay away from (it's fantasy, in case you didn't know)!

Do you have a 'comfort zone'? Are you fine staying in it, or do you like to leave it every now and again?