My name is Louise, and I like a lot of things. I especially like books, movies, music, and video games. I'm an English/Creative Writing student who plays an obscene amount of Animal Crossing and hoardes nail polish. My main goal in life is to be a pretentious writer with a gang of cats, but I'm still working on finding my writing style and figuring out what exactly I want to write, instead of constantly jumping genres all the time. I'm incredibly camera shy, so my face does not exist (my hands do, though. gotta get those manicure photos). I like vampires and aliens the most, and if somebody (not me) were to write a book about vampires from space, I would eat it up. One of my dreams as a teenager was to marry Bruce Wayne, and I still wish that I could. Sometimes I always make GIFs, you can use them if you want to.

Random Useless Facts

  • I was born on Mary Shelley's 198th birthday.
  • I don't have a wardrobe anymore because I replaced it with bookshelves.
  • I'm a cat-less cat lady (my baby passed away in 2014, but i do have an overgrown puppy who i love dearly, though).
  • I love first-person narratives as opposed to third-person.
  • Someday I want to live in Paris even thought i don't speak a word of french...
  • My favourite superheroes are Batman and Superman. Yes, both of them.
  • I don't like tea.
  • I have Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • I'm almost completely nocturnal.
  • I may be just a little obsessed with shoes.

About the Blog

Exploring by Starlight was started in September 2011 but has gone through three name changes since then (those previous names were bad decisions, trust me). Originally, I started blogging as strictly a book blogger and I only posted book reviews, but I have since opened up what I talk about to the point that this has become an anything-goes kind of blog. Here you will find posts about books (obviously), movies, music, personal things, and even video games sometimes. My posts tend to get a bit rambly and will most likely feature GIFs made by yours truly. If you see any GIF that has the 'exploringbystarlight' watermark on it, it was made by me. Feel free to use them! I don't mind at all. Just not my banners, please.