Hot Diggity Daffodil! It's Sci-Fi Month!

Whoopee, it's finally November!

This year I'm participating in Sci-Fi Month for the very first time after wanting to participate for so long, but either life or my brain getting in the way. Most of the time my brain has gotten in the way.

Now for a wee little backstory about how I got into sci-fi. It all started when I was very small and my brother and I used to watch TV together all the time because I didn't have a TV that could be used to watch TV on (all i could do with it was play video games and watch video tapes). My brother and I would take turns choosing what to watch, but most of the things we watched were the same. Two sci-fi shows that we both loved were Futurama and Dragon Ball Z. To this day we can still quote Futurama as if it's been burned into our brains because at the time there were only four seasons and we watched them over and over and over again. Hence why the title of this post uses a Futurama quote.

But anyways, I haven't actually been reading a whole lot of sci-fi in recent times (gasp, i know) because of brain reasons that I don't really want to get into and I fell back into reading lighter stuff, mainly contemporary. That's not to say that sci-fi can't be light, but it does get pretty heavy sometimes. Sci-fi is one of my absolute favourite genres, and I really want to rekindle my love for it, so that is why I am here and participating.

So, what do I have planned? Well, I'm not really much of a reviewer anymore, so instead I like to focus on discussion posts, lists, and just general rambling. But obviously, those will be sci-fi themed so stay tuned for those!

See you all in space!

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Louise is an English student who is currently hiding in a fort made out of DC books. When she's not doing responsible things, reading, or blogging, she can be found watching movies or TV, playing video games, slowly going deaf from listening to really loud music, or making bad jokes on Twitter. She loves Muppets, shoes, and plushies and is always on the lookout for the next best polish in the perfect shade of blue. She hopes to be a Gothic/vampire author in the future and bring her own brand of vampire to life (no, they don't sparkle).

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