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I've never really been full-on camping before, although my parents did own a touring caravan up until I was about 13 (my brother and I were getting too big for it, and I don't really like those sorts of holidays anyway). I did sort of camp out for one night once and it was the most bizarre experience of my entire life. Ready for story time? Here we go...

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A few years ago, my aunt and uncle took me, my brother, and my cousins "camping" in the north of Wales. I don't actually know whereabouts in the country it was. I've put camping in scare quotes because we only slept in a tent for one night in a field behind some guys massive house where he was having some sort of party. It was a three hour drive to there and, naturally, I read all the way there (I even remember the book that I read. It was Twilight.) in between playing games with my cousins and listening to my uncle's music, which is very similar to my music taste.

Once we got there, we set up the tent while this guy that my uncle knew talked to us and helped a bit (they were staying in a caravan). It was pretty warm so we were able to run around without jackets. Because the guy whose field we were camping in was having a party, there was food (although I didn't eat much) and also two bouncy castles. The most bizarre part of the whole night was that I had a weird idea to go around speaking in a Canadian accent and telling people that I was from Canada. One girl actually fell for it but asked me if I was American. When I told her no and said I was Canadian, she said "but that's a part of America though". I'm pretty sure it's not. My cousin, on the other hand, kept telling me and my brother to go and ask somebody Welsh to say the word 'tree'. I'm not sure why.

Now here come the funniest parts of the whole night. Towards the end of the night, we ended up sitting on one of the bouncy castles with these other girls. One of them was around the same age as me and one of my cousins, while another was about two years old. The two-year-old had a bit of an obsession with The Little Mermaid (what girl didn't at that age) and also took a liking to my cousin Jake. She ended up calling him Prince Eric and started talking about her imaginary wedding to him. Which for some reason involved pooping on the toilet while wearing a really pretty wedding dress. Oookaaay? And also, my other cousin tried to get a signal on her phone by jumping on my back and raising her phone into the air, while I walked around the field. In the dark. And then at the end of the night, my aunt got so drunk that she sort of fell into the porta-toilet that was into the field because it was both really dark and she was really drunk. Once the morning came, we got dressed, packed up the tent, piled in the car and went home. What a strange weekend, indeed.

So, that was my only experience with camping. My uni friends are hoping to go camping in the spring, so hopefully it won't be as short and strange as that!

What do you think of camping? Have you ever had any strange experiences?
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