Hey, Listen!

Well hi there, remember me?

Quite some time back I decided to close down this blog because I no longer had time to update it, thanks to the amount of work I was about to get at university (and I did get a huge workload which mainly involved reading), and now that the work I have has significantly decreased I've decided to return to blogging. Yay!

But, before I return properly I've decided that I want a fresh start without deleting everything (if that makes any sense). As much as I still love aliens and science-fiction, it's not all that I like and I want my blog brand to reflect that. So when I come back, this blog will be renamed Down on Paper Street (y'know, like where Tyler Durden lives in Fight Club? Ashamedly, I haven't read John Green's Paper Towns yet)! Change of plan, I'm not going to change the name after all (too lazy and couldn't think of a design)!

I've really missed blogging and am really glad to be coming back but I'm going to try to take it easy so that I don't burn out like I have done so many times in the past. I should be up and posting by next week, so in the meantime I'll be getting things ready!

See you all then!
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Louise is an English student who is currently hiding in a fort made out of DC books. When she's not doing responsible things, reading, or blogging, she can be found watching movies or TV, playing video games, slowly going deaf from listening to really loud music, or making bad jokes on Twitter. She loves Muppets, shoes, and plushies and is always on the lookout for the next best polish in the perfect shade of blue. She hopes to be a Gothic/vampire author in the future and bring her own brand of vampire to life (no, they don't sparkle).

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