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Stacking the Shelves: October 2014

Stacking the Shelves is a book haul meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews.

Hi-diddily-ho, gang! How has your month been? For me, it hasn't been too great. I went back to university last month and I'm already freaking out about my assignments among other things. At the beginning of this month, I had a minor health scare that turned out to just be me being a total hypochondriac, and then I got a cold, and I've just been in a pretty foul mood. That's the main reason as to why I didn't post any reviews all month, and I've just not had the chance to read. I'm sad to see that my Halloween event didn't exactly go as planned, but at least I know the better way to organise things if I choose to do it again next year (I may participate in Oh! The Books' Horror October event next year because they're way more organised than I am). I'll be back to normal posts next week!

As for next month, I really need to knuckle down and focus on my assignments because I have two essays due in the middle of the month, and I have a creative writing assignment due in the beginning of December. I might make some posts here and there and I'll be around to read posts and comment on them but I probably won't be able to do some actual reading until December when I'm on Christmas break. I've had the idea of doing some wintery/Christmas themed reviews and posts, but nothing as big as what I'd hoped to do this month.

Also, I need some help! Lately I've felt like I've outgrown the blog name Nerdette Reviews, and I've been thinking about changing my blog name. For the fourth time. I don't really think that Nerdette Reviews feels like me anymore, and I don't think that it's very original (I had a scroll through Bloglovin and found so many blogs with the word 'nerd' in its name. not that there's anything wrong with it) so I feel like it's time to change it up. I want something to do with aliens or space, and the word 'Xenomorph' was sticking out in my mind but not so much now because I watched Aliens (which is where the term is introduced) and I was really disappointed by it ('Nostromo' was stuck in my head too, but nah). If I do ever come up with something, I probably won't change it for a while because a new blog name definitely calls for a new design, and I'd rather go for something more professional than something thrown together by myself. If you have any ideas or think you could help out, feel free to give me a hand!

Life of a Blogger: Origin of Your Name

Life of a Blogger is a weekly meme hosted by Jessi from Novel Heartbeat, where we talk about what we do when we're not reading.

This week's topic:
Origin of Your Name

My name isn't too exciting and the story of how I got it isn't exciting either. Originally, I was going to be named Sophie, which my nanna (my mum's grandmother) was so excited about that she told all of our relatives down South, but then there were a ton of girls in my part of town called Sophie being born so it was changed to Louise. That's pretty much it.

My middle name is Elisabeth, partly after my dad's mum Elsie who died before I was born, but mostly because my mum saw a lady on the news whose name was Elisabeth and she liked it. And people still spell it with a z.

gif from Tumblr
What's more interesting is that for years I hated my name and never used it online. At first I used the names of fictional characters (that's what anime kids did on Piczo) and then adopted other names. I didn't start using my real name properly online until two years ago (I was using the name Harker when I started this blog) because I was tired of trying to be someone else.

Obviously, there's nothing wrong with using a pen name online, but it just wasn't working out for me (I'm too indecisive).

What's the story behind your name? Link me up to your post!

Horror Books that I Desperately Want to Read

When I was picking out my TBR for this month, I realised that there are more horror books that I really, really want to read. Obviously, there are even more than the eight I've listed here, but these are the horror books that I really desperately want to read some time in the future. Or even now, if I had the time.

(image source)

The Dead Zone | Forever Odd | Anno Dracula | The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories | Psycho | This is Not a Test | Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children | Goosebumps series

The Dead Zone - Stephen King - I've actually read about half of this book when I was about thirteen or fourteen and constantly renewed it from the library, but for some reason I just took it back and never got it out again. I still don't know why I did that. But, I've been looking for it for years, and my parents got me a surprise copy for my birthday, and I'm definitely itching to read it soon!

Forever Odd - Dean Koontz - I read the first book in the Odd Thomas series over the summer, and even though it took me quite a while to finish it, I really enjoyed it. So much that the ending absolutely destroyed me. Seriously, I haven't read a twist ending like that in such a long time (when I finally get around to watching the film, it'll crush me all over again). I'm definitely in desperate need of continuing this series!

Anno Dracula - Kim Newman - It's got Dracula in it. Duh.

The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories - H.P. Lovecraft - My cousin recommended Lovecraft to me when he was reading a collection of his short stories, and after doing a bit of hunting around, the Cthulhu mythos is the one that stands out the most to me. Plus my cousin said that Lovecraft's work tends to be scary, and he can handle some pretty scary crap. My only little issue is that I've heard that Lovecraft was a terrible racist, and I'd have to try my best to separate artist and art with this (I still haven't gotten around to Ender's Game  for  a similar reason, and also because I refuse to buy a copy).
Psycho - Robert Bloch - I watched Hitchcock's film version of Psycho last year, and I absolutely loved it, so reading the book is a total must for me.And also, my short story that I wrote for uni last year was partly inspired by the film, so yeah.
This is Not a Test - Courtney Summers - I'm not too fussed about zombies, but I've heard so many awesome things about This is Not a Test, that I'm just itching to give it a whirl. Fingers crossed that I'll get to read it sometime soon!
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs - I've seen this one floating around the blogosphere quite a few times, and it really does interest me. I don't actually know anything about Miss Peregrine, and for now I hope to keep it that way, and I might just have to go into this blind!
Goosebumps series - R.L. Stine - I might have been born just a little too late for Goosebumps to be a part of my childhood, because I have only read about a quarter of one book in this series (it was Monster Blood, I remember it kind of well), and that was when I was at school. 

Do you have any recommendations for me? Are there any horror books that I haven't mentioned here that I MUST read?

Top 10 Favourite Villains

It's a high to be loathed (you should really give that song a listen, it's really catchy)! Everybody loves a good villain, and I certainly have my favourites. Sometimes the villain is loved more than the hero, and sometimes they're loved just the same, and that's okay because at least the villains are getting some love! Villains are often an important part of a lot of genres, and for me, the more malicious, the better. Sometimes you can't tell which side of reason they side on, and other times it's completely obvious that they're evil and nothing else. Just, ugh I love me a good villain, so without any further delay, I present to you my top ten favourite villains! And trust me, this was a hard list to narrow down.

Tag: 20 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

It's not too late to hop on this wagon, right?

If you haven't seen this tag around the blogosphere at least once then you must have been living under a rock or something. I technically wasn't tagged, but Mel from The Daily Prophecy and Sydney from Utterly Bookish tagged anybody who wanted to do it, and I wanted to do this, so therefore by that logic, I was tagged!

1. How tall are you?
I'm not entirely sure, but I think I'm about 5'4".

2. Do you have a hidden talent, and if so, what?
I'm able to beat Rugrats: Search for Reptar on the PS1 in about an hour or so without stopping for breaks or dying. Because I'm just that great. I can also beat Tarzan in about two hours, but that's just a little harder. I'm also pretty decent at making gifs, but that's not really a hidden talent,

3. What is your biggest blog-related pet peeve?
I'm really particular about layouts and designs. If I literally can't read your blog because the colours hurt my eyes (either too dark or too light), I'm probably never going to come back.

4. What is your biggest non-blog-related pet peeve?
Haha, we really don't want to go down into that territory. Everything and anything has a tendency to get on my nerves. I'm basically this guy every day:

5. What is your favourite song?
My taste in music is very eclectic; I listen to a bit of everything and I tend to cycle through my favourites. Right now, I'm loving System of a Down and I bought their first two albums recently (I'm also slowly developing a weird crush on Serj Tankian because why not). A few of their songs that I'm constantly repeating are:
- Chop Suey! (because duh)
- Shimmy
- Toxicity
- Sugar
- DDevil (that little gigglesnort in the middle gets me every time)
- Psycho

6. What's your favourite Etsy shop?
I've only shopped on Etsy once, so I don't really have a favourite.

7. What's your favourite way to spend time when you're alone?
Obviously reading (I haven't had much time to read lately though), but I also watch films, and I watch an obscene amount of TV. I even watch TV while writing blog posts, even if it's just a source of background noise. I also play video games, mostly really old ones and I'm still working my way through Pokémon X.

8. What's your favourite junk food?
Pom Bears. If they're good enough for kids, then they're good enough for me. This summer I bought a huge pack of them from a service station in Germany just for me and I really didn't regret it. Then when I got home, I was really sad because we don't get huge bags like that here. Or maybe I haven't looked hard enough for them.

9. Do you have a pet or pets?
I have an eight-month old puppy called Max, and up until July, I had a cat called Lucy, but she died after being really ill :( My dad won't let me have another cat, even after he said that he wouldn't say no.

10. What are your favourite fiction and non-fiction books?
I have a few favourite fiction books, so I definitely couldn't choose just one. As for non-fiction, I don't really read non-fiction. I have a few books that are basically databases on fictional characters (eg. and episode guide for The Simpsons, and a book on the publication history of Superman), but I don't pick them up very often.

11. What's your favourite beauty product?
I'm not the biggest user of beauty products, but my shampoo is pretty awesome. I use Tresemme Salon Silk shampoo and conditioner, which does absolute wonders for my hair.

12. When were you last embarrassed and what happened?
I get embarrassed pretty much every single day, so it's hard to pinpoint one single thing that I did that embarrassed me.

13. If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Definitely Coke. If it weren't so bad for my teeth, I'd drink Coke every single day.

14. What's your favourite movie?
I have a list of my favourite movies, but my absolute ultimate favourite is The Godfather. IT'S SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

15. What were you in high school: prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist prep etc?
Yuck, cliques. I had my phases during my early teens (I had a horrendously failed goth phase before I went through the infamous emo kid phase), but from 14 onwards, I was just me.

16. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Either Chicago, Paris, or Berlin. I love big cities much more than smaller towns, and I definitely don't like the countryside. It's pretty, but I don't like remote places.

17. PC or Mac?
If I could afford it, I'd own a Mac. But I can't afford a Mac, so I'm a PC girl.

18. Last romantic gesture from a crush/date/boyfriend/girlfriend?
I made myself dinner last night. I didn't eat all of it (made too much), but it was good.

19. Favourite celeb?
Henry Cavill, Christian Bale, Tom Hiddleston, Scarlett Johansson, Bjork, Madonna, Beck, Cillian Murphy, Anton Yelchin, and too many others to list.

20. Which blogger do you secretly want to be friends with?
If you're reading this, I want to be your friend!

Life of a Blogger: Favourite Toys

Life of a Blogger is a weekly meme hosted by Jessi from Novel Heartbeat where we talk about what we do when we're not reading.

This week's topic:
Favourite Toys

For as long as I can remember, I've been the kind of kid who goes through a cycle of things they like (I still do it now), so when I was little I never really had a favourite toy or favourite toys.

However, there was always something that I could (and still do) spend hours playing with, and that's my games consoles.

my XBox 360, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS (I also have a Game Boy Color and a Game Boy Advance SP [it's a special Pokémon Sapphire design!] that I forgot to include in the photo)
I've been playing video games almost as long as I've been able to read and I still have most of my old games and consoles. I say 'most' because when I got my hand-me-down PS1 from my uncle, he gave me tons of copies of games, but they mysteriously disappeared and when I got a PS2, my parents gave both mine and my brother's PS1s to the children's ward in our hospital. Better than just throwing them away and I can always have a hunt around eBay for non-pirated copies of those games.

I constantly go back to my old games because I was terrible at video games as a child and I constantly try to beat them. In fact, a few weeks ago, I beat two old games for the first time, one being Tarzan on the PS1 (which none of us could ever beat), and the other one was The Simpsons Game on Nintendo DS (which is actually really hard), which isn't as old because that one came out in 2007. Seven years to beat a game isn't as bad as fifteen years!

Did you have any favourite toys as a child? Link me up!

Top 10 Horror Movies I'm Too Scared to Watch

When it comes to horror movies, I am a total baby. Yeah. I'm even nervous about watching films like Gremlins, which my mum constantly tries to assure me is a kids film (it's not), and I have to check the parents guide for almost everything. Ever since I was little, a film has stuck in my head for days or even weeks after watching it so if I've got something scary stuck in my head until I watch something else, my mind is going to be screwed up.

From my constant trawling of movie websites and content advisories, I've managed to come up with a list of horror movies that I just know I'm too scared to watch. I've even included examples from the IMDb guides for these films, just to further illustrate my point!

gif by fyspringfield

Scary Moments in Not-So-Scary Things

Have you ever been watching/reading/playing something that is totally not scary or freaky or anything like that, and then out of nowhere something totally weird and scarring happens? In my childhood, it happened quite a lot, and being the kind of person who gets scared really easily, I figured that I would tell you guys about some of the most notable scary moments that I remember.

You might not think that these things are particularly scary or even all that freaky/weird, but the thing to bear in mind is that when I was a child, everything scared me, and I still get scared of a lot of things now as an adult. This post didn't really fit into a 'Top 10' very well (I've already done two Top 10 lists and I have another one coming up, which will be the last!), so I'm just going to ramble on about them a bit.

(not the best gif i've made but i did the best i could)
Killer Croc battle - Batman: Arkham Asylum

This boss battle (if it can be classified as a boss battle) takes place in the caves below the infamous Arkham Asylum, which is where Killer Croc lives and the guards try to forget about him. Poor guy. The aim is to collect spores for Poison Ivy while fighting off Croc who will every now and then emerge from the water whenever he can hear you coming. How does he know you're coming? He can hear your footsteps through the water, so you've got to walk as slow as possible. Once he can hear you, he jumps out of the water out of completely nowhere and runs towards you. This battle is pretty fucking tense, and the fact that you can constantly hear Croc growling and saying things like "I've got your scent, Batman!!" makes it even more tense. And I really don't do well with jump scares, so every time I replay Arkham Asylum, I kind of dread this part of the game. It's not even difficult, it just puts me on edge.
The beginning scene of Total Recall

Do you ever have those movie scenes that you see once and it fucks you up so badly that you can't wait to forget it? For me, it's the beginning dream sequence in the original Total Recall. What happens is that there are two astronauts on Mars, one of them falls down a crater, smashes his visor and his eyeballs almost explode. The mere thought of bad things happening to eyeballs makes me feel like I'm going to puke, and I saw this scene when I was seven. SEVEN. How did I manage to see that when I was seven? We were on holiday in London and BBC1 used to show movies pretty much every night and the movie on that night happened to be Total Recall. I didn't know what film it was until recently when a video counted every single Schwarzenegger death. This scene screwed me up so badly that I couldn't even gif it. No way.
Two-Face's face - The Dark Knight

There's a lot of gross and disturbing things not only in the Batman franchise, but the entire DC Universe, one of them being Two-Face's face. In the comics and cartoon series he doesn't look too bad, and even in Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever he doesn't look too horrific either, but the one that always sticks out in my mind is how he looks in The Dark Knight. Acid burns look horrendous, but burns just makes me shudder. I mean, just look at the poor guy!

And speaking of poor guys, there's this unfortunate fellow who got put in a jail cell with the Joker:

*extreme shudder because those stitches look infected*

That fog that turns people inside out - The Simpsons

The day I don't mention The Simpsons on this blog, will be a very sad day. In the Treehouse of Horror series, there are very few moments that freak me out (and that's not including the Gracie Films logo at the end, which scared the shit out of me when I was little), but the one thing that will always make me flinch is the inside-out fog. Yuck.

Mrs. Lovett in the furnace - Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd is a pretty brutal movie, and I'm perfectly fine with sitting through every single scene where somebody gets their throat cut. Well, the scene where he finally gets his revenge is particularly gruesome. The thing that really made me hide in my clothes in this movie was Mrs Lovett getting shoved into the furnace at the end. ALIVE. How could Tim Burton do this to me? I knew his movies were quirky and spooky, but I never imagined that it could get to be like this!!!

gif by fyspringfield
Cell absorbing people - Dragon Ball Z

Anime can be a variety of things: it can be funny, sad, badass, or downright freaky. You also get anime that can be a combination of all four of those things at the same time, and Dragon Ball Z (my favourite anime of all time btw) can definitely be freaky at times. For me, the most freaky moment in the entire series is Cell's first appearance, which is marked by tons of random items of clothing lying on the floor. Where are clothes lying around? He absorbed them. And by 'absorbed' I mean that he sucked all of the organic material out of their bodies and just left lumps of skin and clothes. Ew. I've been watching DBZ since I was about three and that scene still makes me feel nauseated. I just managed to make it into a gif but I didn't feel to great while I was doing it.
(image source)
This episode of Spongebob. No really.

Feel free to laugh at me, because there is an episode of Spongebob Squarepants that I simply can't watch. I have seen "Wormy" once in my entire life when it was first aired and I just can't watch it. Why? I am absolutely terrified of moths. Butterflies also make me feel uneasy but moths just fucking terrify me. Every now and then there's an extreme close-up of bug that buzzes really loudly and it still gets me every time. I tried to watch it again and I just couldn't do it, I had to turn it off.
The end quarter of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I haven't been genuinely scared by a book since I was nine, which was when my teacher read Goblet of Fire aloud in class and I sat there almost wetting my pants because I thought that the end (the part where Cedric Diggery is killed, although my memory concerning the Harry Potter series is incredibly fuzzy and doesn't stretch past GoF) was so scary. I kinda told a fib there because I thought that Anna Dressed in Blood was pretty scary, but that's a horror book, it's supposed to be scary and I'm not talking about things that are supposed to be scary.

What's a moment in a non-scary thing that freaked you out?

Top 10 "Treehouse of Horror" Segments

For me, Halloween just isn't complete without watching at least two Treehouse of Horror episodes, and to me, The Simpsons do the best Halloween specials. In recent years the newer specials been aired after Halloween (thanks a lot US sports), but I always try to have my own ToH marathon every year. TV listing permitting, though (I only have seasons 4-7 on DVD. For now). When I was planning this month, I thought 'what better way to show how much I love this series than to make a Top 10 about it?' And here it is!  Get your Duff or your Buzz Cola, or even your Squishee ready because I'm ready to count down my favourite spooky Simpsons segments!

On Leaving My Comfort Zone

As much as I'd love to believe that my tastes in genres are incredibly varied, I definitely have a comfort zone, and that's okay because the vast majority of us have comfort zones. But one thing I've noticed recently is that when I'm not doing my required reading for university, I tend to stick to two main genres: science-fiction and contemporary fiction. I didn't actually notice how far I was nestled into this comfort zone until I was picking out books and films to review for this month because I've never been the biggest horror fan due to the fact that I'm really easily scared (this won't be the last time that you'll see me say that).

gif by fyspringfield
(literally me with anything scary)

So if I'm a huge baby who gets scared of things really easily, why am I doing a horror themed month? The thing is, I don't want to ease myself out of my comfort zone because that doesn't always work for me. No, what I want to do is to completely break out of my comfort zone and explore a genre that in the past I've completely avoided after hearing the word 'scary' just once.

Like I said above, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a comfort zone, it's a good thing to return to whenever I'm not feeling too great, but there are plenty of times where I've been in my zone for way too long and everything just feels the same to me. A while back I found that this was sort of the case with dystopian fiction, and it got a bit stale to me. Recently I've been hooked on contemporary but I'm starting to get just a little bit bored of that too. The nights are getting darker and it's getting colder outside and I'm wanting to read books that remind me of that, which is something that I don't usually do.

What I like about choosing to explore a genre outside of my comfort zone, is discovering books that I probably wouldn't have even given a passing glance to, and even finding out that a genre isn't actually as bad as I'd initially judged it to be. My aim from this Halloween month is to expand my horizons even more with my reading (and viewing) habits, and I'm definitely excited about that. Who knows, I might even branch out into the other genre that I tend to stay away from (it's fantasy, in case you didn't know)!

Do you have a 'comfort zone'? Are you fine staying in it, or do you like to leave it every now and again?

Life of a Blogger: Most Prized Possession

Life of a Blogger is a weekly meme hosted by Jessi from Novel Heartbeat, where we talk about what we do when we're not reading.

This week's topic:
Most prized possession

I've never really been the kind of person to have a 'prized possession'. I have the obvious things that I don't want people to touch: my phone, purse, kindle, even my games consoles, but after thinking about this I realised that there is something that I just will not lend out to anybody:

(picture's not too great, sorry)
This is my film library, which is still not big enough. I'm way more reluctant to let people borrow my DVDs than my books because books can handle quite a bit of wear and tear. DVDs are a lot more fragile than that (anything in disc format is). One big long scratch on it and you might as well throw it away. Buh-bye.

I think i's been established before that I am obsessed with buying DVDs, but if I manage to get a special edition with a shit ton of extras and special features, nuh-uh, you're not taking it away from me because I don't even trust my own flesh and blood with these babies. No way no how.

gif by fyspringfield
(Literally me when people ask to borrow my DVDs.)

Do you have a prized possession?

Review: Predator (1987)

Directed by: John McTiernan
Genre: Science-Fiction / Action / Horror
Released: June 12 1987 by 20th Century Fox Pictures
Running time: 107 mins (1 hr, 47 mins)
Rated: R (USA) 15 (UK)
Viewed at: Home / On Demand

A team of special force ops, led by a tough but fair soldier, Major "Dutch" Schaefer, are ordered in to assist CIA man, George Dillon, on a rescue mission for potential survivors of a Helicopter downed over remote South American jungle. Not long after they land, Dutch and his team discover that they have been sent in under false pretences. This deception turns out to be the least of their worries though, when they find themselves being methodically hunted by something not of this world.
For a long time, there were two main horror movies that I kind of knew that I was too scared to watch: one of them was Alien, and the other was Predator, and it's all thanks to the AVP crossover franchise. Predator seemed like the tamer of the two, and it's also got Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, so I went for this one first. And while it's definitely not the best movie that I've ever seen, and I have a few problems with it, I did enjoy this film and would probably watch it over and over again.

The plot of Predator is pretty simple, in action movie tradition: a team of special force ops have to go on a rescue mission to find survivors of a helicopter crash in a South American jungle, who are being held hostage. However, it turns out that there is something hiding in the jungle that is hunting the team and is slowly picking them off one by one. I think that the film was split into two halves: the first half being where everyone is being killed and we can't see the Predator, and the second half is the final showdown between Dutch and the Predator, which definitely goes into action movie territory, and shifts away from the horror elements. And speaking of horror elements, I wouldn't exactly classify Predator as a horror movie. This is partly because I wasn't scared by it, but mainly because this film has much more of an action movie feel to it. There's lots of explosions, and we even get some classic one-liners from good old Arnie. My biggest issue with the film's plot is that it's pretty thin, and at some points just turns into long action scenes with plenty of explosions. I would've liked the story to be a lot more fleshed out, but I am glad that it's fast-paced because Predator is definitely not boring.

My bone to pick with Predator comes with its characters. This film is a total sausage fest. There is one woman in the entire film, and at first she speaks nothing but Spanish, then she doesn't speak at all, then she speaks very little English with a strong South American accent, and then she goes back to being completely mute. Just what. I can't even remember this one female character's name, because there's so many more male characters who get a bigger part to play than her. Also, there's a Latino character whose nickname is "Poncho". What. As for Schwarzenegger, he's not the greatest actor in the world, and a lot of his hero characters (and by that, I mean characters that aren't the Terminator) can tend to merge together into one person, but he's always a pleasure to see in a film like this. He knows how to do action, because action movies can be silly, they don't have to have top-notch acting, especially not in the 1980s. Another thing I picked up on is that the other characters sometimes feel incidental, and this can really be attributed to the fact that Schwarzenegger is the star of this film. There aren't any stars in the plural form, just Arnie, and all the attention is on him.

Predator's special effects straddled between impressive and dated for me. All the traditional effects, such as exploding heads, skinned bodies, and even the Predator's armour is really quite impressive, but anything that has been computer generated, is really dated. This is especially evident when the Predator is invisible, because his outline is incredibly obvious. Obviously CGI wasn't a perfected craft at this point in time, but it could have looked a lot better. The Predator is supposed to be completely invisible, so why can I see the finer details on his armour when he's 'invisible'? I actually think that it would have worked better if almost all traditional effects had been used when the monster is invisible, so that you really can't see him.

Is Predator scary? I don't think so. To me, the scariest part of the film was when the Predator finally took off his mask and showed us that, in Dutch's words, he's one ugly motherfucker. I'd say that this film is more tense than scary. There are a couple of jump scares here and there, but there's a huge feeling of dread, and it all comes from knowing that the Predator is out there, but you don't know where exactly he is, when he's going to strike next, or what he's going to do. Plus, some of the cheesiness and Arnie's signature one-liners (stick around, GET TO THE CHOPPER!!!, and even knock, knock) really takes away from the scare factor. Predator is definitely more of an action movie than a horror movie. There's plenty of explosions, guns, running around, and people getting shot in the head, which is to expect when you've got a film with Schwarzenegger in it.

If you're looking for a cheesy 80s action movie that happens to have a deadly alien in it, then Predator is definitely what you're looking for. However, if you want to actually be scared and maybe even have your knuckles turn white, you're better off looking somewhere else. I actually liked Predator, Schwarzenegger is always a pleasure to watch, but I wasn't expecting it to be so tame. Or be such a sausage fest. But, thanks to this movie I will now be shouting GET TO THE CHOPPER, every time that I'm going to be in a friend's car. Thanks, Arnie.